How We Work

DSC_1431How we work at LoveFitness


We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach and we have the extensive knowledge to provide each of our clients to their needs…

At LoveFitness we find out a fair bit about you in the initial free consultation, and once we are clear about your situation and about your goals we can then advice you on a plan that is most suitable for you.

We like to work backwards when it comes to delivering results.

The biggest secret of people who succeed getting to their goals is consistency. They truly enjoy doing the things they need to do to achieve their goals.

When you do what you love, you don’t care about the results, you just enjoy the journey and that’s when you actually allow change to happen.


We all want to look good, it’s a given. However if we just trained to have a small waist or bulging biceps and disliked our training sessions, soon we would be not training at all or be good looking and miserable.

This is exactly our philosophy.

Come to us because you want to enjoy moving and not just because you want to lose weight and get fit. If you want to have fun and enjoy your time training we don’t need to guarantee you results, it will come to you the most natural way without forcing your body into hard exercise programs or strict diets.

We don’t ever get our clients do anything that they don’t enjoy doing. If we did, their journey would be a very short one. We encourage them to discover more and more things that they love when it comes to exercise, food and lifestyle.

If you would like to find out more about how we could get you to love exercise and free you from the burden of result based training you can contact us for a free consultation through our contact page.

In our gallery you can find a library of exercises we use and you can get a good idea of the equipments  we use, such as kettlebells, dumbbells, trx (strap), club-bells, etc.