Frequently Asked Questions


Take a look at the commonly asked questions we receive below. If we haven’t answered your question, drop us a line by using the contact form. We look forward to helping you!

Do I need to be a member of your gym to train with you?

Yes if you wish to train in one of the gyms we work in you will need to have a membership. Gym membership prices range from around £4 a session to £40 a month depending on the type of membership you go for.

See here for membership details

At home training: If you would like us train you at home then of course you will not need to have a gym membership.

Can you train me at home?

Yes we can. The gym is not for everyone and we are more than happy to come to you!

Is there a minimum/maximum age range to be able train with you?

Our clients are aged between 14 and 75 so no, not really!

Can you help me to get stronger?

We can definitely get you stronger!

There are many different types of strength but all our training will make you stronger in some way. But if you decide you want to be a Power or Olympic weightlifter we may have to refer you to one of the many specialist trainers we know!

Can you help me get more mobile and flexible?

We certainly can.

We believe that mobility and flexibility are the key to be able to increase all the other fitness attributes safely and to their full potential.

Many people keep trying to train harder to get better when they would be better off backing off with their training and increasing the efficiency of their body through mobility and flexibility exercises. The reason people often don’t do this is due to fear of losing fitness when in fact they will gain so much more!

Do I have to be a certain fitness level to train with you?

No, we help the complete beginner to the amateur athlete improve their performance and aesthetics through the love of exercise.

When your goal is to enjoy exercising it does not matter where you start.

Paradoxically we have often found that those who exercised gently, less or sometimes not at all (except walking) had much more balanced bodies and could increase their strength and fitness much more easily using our approach than those with a training history of intense training or sport. So as a beginner you might be surprised; your body might work better than you thought!

What sort of equipment do you use to train your clients with?

We use a variety of equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, Indian Clubs, sandbags, medicine and stability balls, skipping ropes, cardio machines (treadmill, indoor rower, cross-trainer, indoor bike) and quite often just body weight.

What we use with you will depend on what you enjoy or think you might enjoy. You might want to experience using a different pieces of equipment and then concentrate on one or two for a period of training, or you may continue to like a lot of variety.

Some clients may experience all the gadgets and some may just walk and use their bodyweight, both will get great results, if they love doing it.

Do you do outdoor training?

We specialise in making the most of people’s indoor gym time but our training philosophy works just as well outdoors, if that’s how you like to train. In fact we encourage our clients to train or do some type of outdoor activity, after all we want you to do what you love, and that may be training outdoors.

If you’d like us to talk to you about our outdoor training process, contact us today.

You can check out the “other ways to move” page for more outdoor activity ideas.

What type of exercise do you specialise in?

We specialise in making the most of the gym environment and I guess you could say we are exercise generalists!

We do yoga and Pilates inspired movements as well as core, resistance and cardiovascular exercises with a variety of equipment.

You may like to experience a few methods of movement or stick with one. Our trainers have all been well trained in the technique and application of all the exercises they introduce you to and will never show you anything they haven’t experienced themselves first.

If you are not sure what you would like to try (which is often the case when first starting out), your love fitness coach will make selections using the information you give him/her at the consultation and from their experience working with many clients of different shapes, sizes, personalities and fitness levels.

Can you help with injuries and rehabilitation?

Yes. Our coaches have a good understanding of bio-mechanics and injury rehabilitation but rather than using rigid rehabilitation programs we move our clients in functional ways avoiding pain and progressing at the pace your body tells you.

Part of our philosophy is to help you to notice what feels good and what doesn’t this is helped by using a simple muscle test to help put you back in touch with your intuition. The muscle testing technique determines the best exercises for you on a given day. The body responds to this test and gives a clear sign as to which exercises to use to help you recover from injury, or to keep you injury free.

Do you give nutrition advice to your clients?

At LoveFitness we don’t believe in ‘diets’ or food plans. You are your own expert when it comes to your body and no-one knows it as well as you do so we will not tell you what to eat, what time and how much of it.
Instead we encourage you to eat what you love and use mindfulness techniques to help you listen to your body when you choose your meals as well as when your consuming them.

We believe that when you eat what you love mindfully, with gratitude and without guilt you will be drawn to the foods you need and the food will give you what you need! Some people may turn around and say: but I have been eating the foods I love and look where it got me.

In our experience when talking to these people they will often say that the emotions that they have when they are consuming their much loved foods are mainly negative such as guilt, hate or sadness. They may be hardly paying any attention to their food but scoffing it down whilst watching telly, talking, walking or thinking about other things.

When you start to feel gratitude for the food you eat and enjoy the wonderful experience of feeding yourself, your eating habits will change for the better; naturally without deprivation, using your true will. You’ll eat the right types of food, in the right amounts at the right times, for you.

We are very much in favour of seasonal local whole foods as your best sources of energy but the first step is to enjoy and accept whatever you are eating right now and when you are ready you will seek out new foods to add to your diet.

Can I go straight into group training or classes?

We advise you to have some personal training sessions before you join a group or a class depending on your previous experience of exercise and your fitness level. This helps us to see how your body moves and get an idea of what you enjoy so we can teach you some basic exercise techniques on a one on one basis.

Depending on your exercise history and fitness levels usually 2-5 one on one sessions are sufficient.

Can you help me train for a sport specific goal?

We can enhance your performance in your sport by helping you train to increase the abilities you desire, these could include one or more of the following; strength, endurance, power, flexibility, mobility, agility and balance.

We can help you plan your training for challenges such as hiking, runs of all distances, bike rides etc. But for more high level sports and specialist events like; triathlons, Fighting, football, rugby etc, we can provide supplemental training for strength and conditioning but we recommend working with a specialist coach for your overall training plan. We can recommend coaches if you don’t have one already.

Do you do weight loss programs?

Our main focus is finding the movement you enjoy most but one of the benefit of doing this is weight loss.

If you enjoy what you do you will be consistent with your training, add to that a healthy positive attitude to life in general and you will achieve the body weight that’s right for you.

Do you do body building training?

Body-building type of training isn’t exactly what we do.

Our way of training allows people to gain muscle in a balanced and natural way.

We find nothing wrong with the fact that some people are interested in body-building training and the lifestyle it involves however we won’t be able to work with you on these goals but we are quite happy to refer you to other trainers that we know who will offer you the best services and results in this area.

I want to do a marathon; can you train me for it?

Throughout the years we have prepared many of our clients for marathons. When a Marathon becomes the goal through the love of running we still include all aspects of fitness such as mobility, flexibility, strength and cardiovascular fitness in the programs with the obvious focus on running.

Our marathon clients have generally been training for a while and developed a love for running which then leads to the marathon goal rather than choosing the goal first and then starting to train from scratch. Instead of giving a fixed training plan we teach our clients to train intuitively so they decide when and what kind of training they do each day, by picking from a menu of proven marathon training techniques we have taught them.

Can you help me improve my posture?

Yes definitely, we include exercises for breathing, flexibility, mobility, stability and strength which all help to improve your posture. We have also found that when clients develop a more positive view of themselves and the world around them, their bodies open up and posture improves without much physical intervention.

Can you train pregnant or post natal women?

We have years of experience and the right knowledge to help you Pre and post pregnancy. Moving the right way during these times will have vast amounts of benefits resulting in easier birth, quicker recovery and maintaining your idea weight throughout.

I have a wedding in a month’s time can you get me in shape for it!?

I’m afraid we would probably not be the right coaches for you as we don’t believe in forced short term results however we are happy to recommend some great trainers whom will definitely deliver results.

I have a wedding in 6 months time can you get me in shape for it?

Yes we would love to be able to help you to look your best on your special day. We ask our brides to forget about rigid goals, just know you are going to look amazing on the day; enjoy the process and don’t stress about the outcome. When you do what you love you will look your best.

How intense are the workouts with you?

They can range from extremely intense to a meditation session on your back!

It depends on the clients likes/dislikes and the state they are in at the time of their training.

The clients who love to do intense strenuous workouts will often do this and those that like the gentler approach will do that.

What we do in a session also depends on the clients energy and stress levels.

If they are generally stress free, well rested and feel like doing strenuous exercise on the day, we will go for it! If they are in a high stress/fatigued state or tired on the day or just feel like doing some lighter/moderate training we will adjust the exercise accordingly.

So as you see the intensity of the workouts can vary depending on the persons general/daily state, what they enjoy doing as well as what they feel like doing on the day.

In the end our clients intuitively know what intensity and what type of exercise to do when they come in for their sessions. This means you will never do a session you don’t want to do or think you have to do.

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