About Us

judit rago

From our 20 years combined experience in personal training and with a passion for helping people get long term health and fitness results, we realized there was something missing from our traditional approach to diets, exercise and personal training.

After years of different diet, exercise and psychological experiments; we basically decided to work back to front.

Traditional personal training is generally out-come based; that’s when you have your goal first and pick the exercises, diets and techniques to accomplish that goal.

We first like to find the way of exercising that you enjoy and the enjoyment of your journey will then give you the desired results.


Our typical client would be the gym goer or home exerciser with a busy life (the general exerciser!) who wants to get the most results from their training time and are interested in health and fitness longevity not just a quick fix.

We know gyms can be boring but in the often cold, wet and dark London city environment they are the most accessible and convenient places to exercise. We want to show you that gyms do not have to be boring and can be used to give you the fitness to take on many other life, sporting and active outdoor challenges.

Over the past two years we have been developing the love fitness training philosophy to help our clients get amazing results.

If you would like to know what we can do for you please contact us for a free consultation through our contact page.

Judit Rago is a REPS & NRPT Registered Personal Trainer.